Spraying and Irrigation

Spraying & Irrigation, Fabrics & Films, Sundries

As stockist of Cooper Pegler and Chapin sprayers, Earthway Ev-n-Spred spreaders, Dosatron water-powered injectors and dilutors, Alty's stock a large selection of equipment for applying pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, fertilisers and feeds.

We also carry horticultural fabrics including groundcover, windbreak/shading, fleece/crop cover and netting and a large range of horticultural sundries. For more information on spraying and irrigation, horticultural fabrics and sprayers, please call us on 01772 812176 or complete our order enquiry form.

Spraying & Irrigation

Cooper Pegler

Cooper Pegler

Cooper Pegler is in the forefront of spraying technology offering the highest quality sprayers along with a wide range of spares and accessories.
The Classic Range The CP Classic range of sprayers has been the preferred choice by agricultural, horticultural and amenity users world-wide, as the most durable, robust and accurate agro chemical applicator.
The 2000 Series The CP 2000 series has set world-wide standards for comfort and safety. Ergonomically designed, with a non-corrosive polypropylene tank and no openings below the liquid level, it is a most comfortable, safe and capable piston pump knapsack sprayer. Comprising of few parts, cleaning is quick and maintenance simple and inexpensive.
The Pro Range

Spraying & Irrigation


ProSeries 15Lt. Knapsack Sprayer
ProSeries 7.6Lt Hand Held Sprayer


Ev-n-Spred Broadcast Spreaders
Ev-n-Spred Hand Held Spreader

Thermal Fogging Equipment
Petrol driven and Electric models available


A range of Water-Powered Non-Electric Chemical Injectors

Spraying & Irrigation

Fertiliser Dilutors

Dilutors are designed to add fertiliser to irrigation systems and hand held watering hoses. They are very simple to operate, very reliable and are inexpensive.

Haws Watering Cans

A range of injection moulded plastic cans and hot dip galvanised cans for the amateur and professional grower

Spraying & Irrigation
Spraying & Irrigation


Hose Trolleys
Quick Couplings
Lances & Roses
Drip Irrigation
Water Storage Tanks
Fabrics & Films

Spraying & Irrigation

Plant Care

Alty's Premium Groundcover. Woven polypropylene construction provides outstanding weed suppression with excellent water permeability meaning no puddling.
Landscape Fabric Made from 100% spun bonded polypropylene and designed for use in complex planting schemes.
Paraweb Type 50. The world's toughest lightweight fencing, made of high tenacity polyester filaments encased in a durable polythene sheath.
Paraweb Type 5 As Paraweb Type 50 but with smaller aperture size. Hortifence Green. Because it is green, Hortifence forms an attractive back- drop for visual display and public areas in garden centres and nurseries.
Tapenet RKO Deluxe. Tapenet provides 50% shade and wind reduction and is tear proof, rot proof, resistant to both the elements and pollutants and is pest and disease free.
Anti Bird Net. Manufactured from exceptionally strong, high density poly- ethylene with a 20mm aperture size that will protect against even the smallest of birds.
Shelter Shade Shelter Shade is a very versatile and easy to erect shelter fence. It is ideal for the protection of ornamental plants in shade halls and other growing areas on nurseries and garden centres.
Fleece Made from polypropylene and developed to create a microclimate ideal for plants and seedlings. It acts as a barrier to insects, and offers exceptional levels of protection from frost, snow, heavy rain, hail and the effects of sun and wind.
Woolmoss Woolmoss is produced high temperature-washed raw fleece making it a high performing, economic alternative to moss.

Plant Care

XL Horticulture

XL Horticulture

Provides a range of tunnel covers for different options. All films carry a 5 year manufacturers warranty against premature ageing and breakdown

Also available:
Anti Hot Spot Tape
Repair Tape
Spring Clips

Plant Care
Tyne Moulds & Machinery


Tyne Moulds & Machinery

Stick-in Labels
Loop Lock Labels
Heavy Duty Pot & Stake Labels
T Labels & Angled Head Labels
Card Holders
Cane Caps & Pyramid Caps
Tripods & Trellises
Plant & Pot Support Clips
Ground Cover, Mulch Mat Pegs
Ties for Shrubs & Trees
Mechanical Tying & Tapes

Plant Care
Tyne Moulds & Machinery


Rainbow Tree Spirals
Tree Ties & Strapping
Defender-Pro tree shelter

Polythene Films
Bubble Film
Capillary Matting
Bamboo Canes
Wheelbarrows & Trolleys
Water Pipe & Land Drainage Pipe
Wire Netting
Clothing & Footwear
Christmas Wreath Sundries
Grass Seed

Sundries Sundries