Professional Growing Media

Professional Growing Media

We have a large range of professional growing media available from major manufacturers including composts from Levington, Sinclair, Humax and barks and Sylvamix composts from Melcourt.

For more information on our wide range of professional growing media, please call us on 01772 812176 or complete our order enquiry form.


Levington Compost

Seed & Modular Composts. Specialist and general purpose peat-based composts for all plant raising requirements. No added ammoniacal nitrogen has been used to ensure maximum germination and speed of establishment.

Seed and Modular – Low Nutrient – F1
Seed and Modular – F2
Seed and Modular plus Sand – F2+S

Pot & Bedding Composts. The industry standard compost for potting and growing-on general bedding and pot plants. Peat based, standard pH for all bedding and pot plant production systems, trays, hanging baskets and larger containers.

Pot & Bedding – M2
Pot & Bedding – High Nutrient -M3

Potting & Pot Plant Composts. Specially designed to meet growers needs. Peat based with unique trace element package that ensures freedom from deficiencies. Carefully screened and blended sphagnum peats provide optimum Air-Filled Porosity for all uses.

Coarse Potting - C2
General Pot Plant – PP
Pot Plant Coarse – PPC

Container & Nursery Stock Composts. Specialist container composts incorporating selected blends of UK and Irish peat fractions for improved structure and performance. Suitable for year-round production with enhanced long-term drainage and aeration.

General Container Nursery Stock – CNSG
Ericaceous Container Nursery Stock -CNSE
Container Nursery Stock Coarse- CNSC

Special & Custom Mixes. Special mixes, such as, Primula & Pansy Compost, Cyclamen & Poinsettia Compost, are available subject to minimum quantities.

Everris are pleased to offer or recommend factory additives or variants to their compost formulations, such as, Osmocote Exact®, Intercept 5GR, to maximise convenience and performance according to grower needs and performances.

Reduced Peat Composts. Every formulation will contain up to 40% Bark instead of peat as standard. This helps growers to meet government and customers targets for peat reduction.

Levington Pro Propagation
Levington Pro Bedding
Levington Pro Pot Plant
Levington Pro Nursery Stock

Shamrock Composts

A range of 5 distinctive composts made from Shamrock Irish sphagnum peat. Carefully graded and blended peat fractions provide optimum AFP levels for different crop types.

Shamrock Peats

The world's finest horticultural peat. A range of standard grades of coarse-leaved Irish sphagnum peat. Custom blends available for bulk delivery.

Shamrock Compost

Shamrock Seed & Modular
Shamrock Bedding
Shamrock Potting
Shamrock Pot Plant
Shamrock Nursery Stock

Shamrock Peat

Shamrock Fine
Shamrock Medium
Shamrock Medium-Coarse
Shamrock Coarse


Humax are one of the oldest growing media companies in the UK and now part of the Everris company. The Humax professional range of growing media is recommended for all professional / commercial growing situations where quality, consistency and performance are paramount.

A full range of bagged, bulk and semi bulk options are available.

Humax Compost

Seed & Modular Compost
Pot & Bedding Compost
Potting Compost
Nursery Stock & Container Compost
Moss Peat



Pot Plant Composts
Pot Plant:
An open growing medium suitable for short, medium
and long term pot plants. Peat: 0-10mm 100%.
Also available: Geranium & Fuchsia, Poinsettia, Primula & Pansy,
Cyclamen, Mini Cyclamen, Pot Chrysanthemum.

Potting & Bedding Composts
Potting & Bedding:
For raising bedding and pot plants in pots, trays, hanging baskets and tubs. Peat: 0-10mm 100%.
Potting: For raising bedding and pot plants in pots, trays, hanging baskets and tubs. Contains darker peat for enhanced nutrient content and moisture retention. Peat: 0-5mm 15%, 0-10mm 85%.
All-Purpose: An easily managed general purpose peat-sand growing medium. Suitable for all year round propagating and raising salad, vegetable, bedding and pot plants in pots, trays and packs. Peat: 0-5mm 15%, 0-10mm 80%, Sand 5%.
Also available: Medium Coarse Potting, Bedding Low N, Summer Hanging Basket.

Nursery Stock Composts
Nursery Stock:
An easily managed coarse grade growing medium with bark and grit. Recommended for both ericaceous and non-ericaceous species. Peat: 0-10mm 25%, 3-15mm 27.5%, 15-25mm 27.5%, Bark: 8-16mm 15%, Grit: 5%.
Also available: Propagation, Liner, Alpine & Herbaceous, Container.

Propagation Composts
Modular Seed:
A free-flowing compost suitable for raising transplants, seed sowing and rooting cuttings. Peat: 0-5mm 100%.
Blocking: A selected black peat compost suitable for all year round raising of vegetables, salad, bedding plants and AYR chrysanthemum in blocks. Black Peat: 0-5mm 100%.
Also available: Seed Sowing with Vermiculite.

Pro Growing medium

Peat Free Composts
Peat Free Bedding, Peat Free Nursery Stock, Coir Growing Medium, Coir Tray & Modular, Coir Potting & Bedding
New Horizon Pro:
New professional grade peat-free growing media based on the award-winning Which Best Buy products. Mixes for Bedding, Nursery Stock, Alpine & Herbaceous, Tree Planting.
Sinclair Pro 50: Peat-reduced mixes with only 50% peat content. Mixes for Potting & Bedding, Potting, Medium-Coarse Potting, Geranium & Fuchsia, Nursery Stock, Container, Alpine & Herbaceous, Liner and Peat-Bark Mixes.

Tree Planting Composts
Tree Start, Tree & Shrub

Sinclair Perlite Superfine, 0.15-2.0mm
Sinclair Perlite Superfine, 0.15-2.0mm
Sinclair Perlite Standard, 1.0-3.0mm
Sinclair Perlite Supercoarse, 1.0-6.0mm

Sinclair Vermiculite Fine, 1.0-3.0mm
Sinclair Vermiculite Stadard, 1.0-3.0mm
Sinclair Vermiculite Coarse, 5.0-10.0mm


Evergreen Medium Grade Irish Moss Peat


Sylvamix® Range: The Melcourt Sylvamix® range offers professional growers an outstanding opportunity to grow excellent crops without the use of peat, season after season. Renowned for quality and customer care that is second to none, backed by more than 25 years experience. Melcourt brings expertise and confidence to peat-free growing.
Sylvamix® Potting
Sylvamix® Nursery Stock
Sylvamix® Natural-SA
Sylvamix® Special

Melcourt Bark
Potting Bark:
A matured, European pine bark chip, mid to dark brown in colour, with virtually no fines, designed for incorporation into peat-based or peat-free growing media, to improve both air-filled porosity and long term structural stability. Also an excellent pot mulch to suppress weed, moss and liverwort growth.
Propagating Bark: A fine, substantially dust free, matured, European pine bark designed for use in mixes with peat or suitable alternatives for the vegetative propagation of nursery stock and a wide range of other plants. Also an excellent pot mulch to suppress weed, moss and liverwort growth.

Growbark-Pine: A fine, matured, European pine bark designed as a major growing medium ingredient. An ideal additive to peat and its alternatives.
Hortibark-Pine: A matured, European pine bark, designed for incorporation into peat-based or peat-free growing media, for the purpose of improving both air-filled porosity and long term structural stability.
Composted Fine Bark: A matured, British conifer bark with an even nominal particle size distribution of 1-20mm and less than 5% wood content.
Spruce Ornamental: A matured, British conifer bark with an even nominal particle size distribution of 5-35mm with less than 5% dust and fines and less than 15% wood content. A versatile mulch for use on garden borders and landscaped areas.
Orchid Barks: A chunky, fine-free pine bark, designed for use in orchid composts where it provides extremely free drainage and long-term structural stability. Available in three grades: Coarse, Medium and Fine.
Playbark: Consisting of European pine bark with an even nominal particle size distribution of either 10-50mm or 8-25mm, with minimal dust and fines and less than 2.5% wood content.