Bowls, Planters and Baskets

Bowls, Planters & Baskets

Alty's carry a large selection of decorative planters and containers that will enhance any patio and large heavy duty containers for nursery stock or specimen plants. For hanging displays we have a range of wicker hanging baskets, wire hanging baskets and plastic hanging baskets.

For more information on our wide range of horticultural bowls, planters and baskets, please call us on 01772 812176 or complete our order enquiry form.

Pots & Containers

Perseo & Cigno. These heavy duty containers are ideal for nursery stock and specimen plants. Available in both tall and squat in a number of sizes. Ideal for selling straight from the nursery to the patio.
Andromeda. Natural 'Terracotta look' Bowls and Planters. Available with drainage holes and optional clip on saucers and matching hangers to increase versatility.
Orione. A versatile squat type Bell Pot ideal for Patio Planters. The range is available with matching saucers. This natural 'terracotta look' planter provides great value for money.
Cassiopea. Natural 'Terracotta look' Troughs/Window Box with optional saucer available.
Serie Bassa. Heavy duty squat containers from 10 litre to 40 litre. This is a quality pot at the right price.
Mastelli. A complete range of large Heavy Duty Container Pots. Available in a range from 30 litre to 1500 litre, with or without handles.
Tuscany Decorative Range. An exciting range of versatile pots in a mixture of brand new colours. Extremely competitively priced and great value to any pot plant, bedding display or nursery stock.
Bulb Bowls.

Bowls, Planters and Baskets Bowls, Planters and Baskets Bowls, Planters and Baskets Bowls, Planters and Baskets

Wicker Hanging Baskets

A varied range of round and cone wicker baskets.

Wire Hanging Baskets

Wire Hanging Baskets

Sizes of 12", 14", 16" and 18".

Wrought Iron Range

A range of Wall Mangers, Wall Troughs, Basket Stands, Two and Three Tier Fountains.

Welcome Range

A range of wrought iron stands and brackets with wicker baskets.

Wicker Hanging Baskets Welcome Range
Desch Plantpak

Desch Plantpak

Warwick Hanging Basket. Designed for speed and efficiency. Strong hanger with large hook. Tough rim clips designed for quick and easy application. Built in water reservoir.
County Hanging Baskets & Chains. Flat base for extra stability during planting. - Built-in saucer for better water retention. Flexible bars for easier side planting. Attractive matt finish.

Desch Plantpak